A History of Where Love Started

Almost 80 years ago, the newly married Bill and Frances Holloway purchased a piece of land outside of Austin, complete with a small house, to build their life together.  A 2nd generation was raised and their daughter married the man of her dreams.  Although living near the ranch, after several years and two little girls, Frances suggested that the family move into the original house and she would build a house next door.  So started a way of life, grandchildren within shouting distance of their grandmother who taught them about old records, washing sinks and making the bed the ”proper” way.   As the 3rd generation got older and became engaged, a wedding was planned right there in the same backyard that they and their mother had grown up in.  One daughter moved into her grandmother’s house, next door to her parents, to repeat the same way of life with her two children.  Now the 2nd generation teaches the 4th generation about the flowers and the love that started the legacy that is now theirs.  Close behind came the second daughter with a wedding celebration of her own, building her house and life on the ranch.

More than just a home, we open the history of our land and lives to those celebrating their own starts and making their own memories.  The love and hard work that is put into these events is apparent as soon as you step onto the grounds.  We are so excited to say we are a part of your history!